AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer (Handheld)

AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer

AO Scan Technology is an educational tool that can help you learn about how your body is performing. It communicates with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals to identify the areas that may be out of balance. By identifying those areas that may need assistance, you can then make the proper lifestyle changes to optimize your health and reach a state of harmony and balance.

AO Hand Held Scanner

Immersive Health and Wellness in Virtual Reality

An immersive VR experience that is safe and noninvasive. The use of virtual reality enables the client to see 3D images of the body during the process of the immersive experience.

The AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer is designed and built to make the processes faster, more accurate, and unable to be influenced either intentionally or UNINTENTIONALLY by the operator. This last feature in itself is a major step forward in the technology

Bio Resonance Comparison

This process receives from the brain the resonating frequency of the part of the body that was selected and is then compared to a known homeostatic frequency that the selected organ, tissue, etc., should be vibrating at if healthy.

Bio Resonance Recognition

This process transmits a specific signal from the brain through a pair of small transducers placed in the front of each ear into the system. This is what enables the brain to identify which part of the body is being scanned.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

This process involves sending a Sympathetic Vibration back into the body to encourage the organ, tissue, etc. that is not within their homeostatic range to move back towards the ideal range.



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