Turtle Island Membership is mandatory legal protection. It is mandatory with all the services used at

Quantum Wellness Center

  • Turtle Island Day Pass $5.00
  • Turtle Island Yearly Membership (covers spouse and children living in the same household 17 years and younger) $35.00

Click on the following link or copy and paste the link in your online browser.

    • In the Member Online Sign Up page click on the link that says “Click Here to Sign Up”
    • Select type of membership
      • You may add a spouse and dependent children ages 17 and under. Signatures for both the member and their spouse will be required with registration.

You will need the following information to fill out the Turtle Island Member Sign Up 

  •  Health Coach | Initial One Hour AO Scan Consultation $275.00
  • Each additional hour or follow-up AO Scan $75.00

Hyperbaric Chamber $100.00

Theta Chamber $100.00

INNER-Light LED Bed $35.00

Infinity Mat $35.00

VibraSonic $35.00

INNER Hydrogen Therapy $35.00

RF INNER-Cleanse Foot Detox $35.00

rTMS $35.00

Presso-Therapy (Compression Suit) $35.00

PEMF (Pules Electro-Magnetic Field) $35.00

ZPPIS (Zero Point Plasma ION Suite) 1 – 45 min session | $45.00


    Theta Chamber or Hyperbaric Chamber

    • Package of 5 $325.00
    • Package of 10 $600.00
    • Package of 15 $825.00
    • Package of 20 $1000.00

    INNER-Light LED Bed | VibraSonic Therapy | INNER Hydrogen | RF INNERGY-Cleanse Foot Detox | rTMS | Presso-Therapy (Compression Suit Therapy) | PEMF Therapy | Infinity Mat

    • Package of 5 $110.00
    • Package of 10 $190.00
    • Package of 15 $245.00
    • Package of 20 $265.00

    ZPPIS (Zero Point Plasma ION Suite)

    • Package of 5 $200.00

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